Dog Beach Puzzle

Dog Beach Puzzle

Now Available For Pickup! Another wonderful puzzle brought to you by the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association in celebration of our eclectic community.


High-quality vinyl sticker. Full color on a transparent background. Dimensions: 3.5" x 4". Made available by the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association in celebration of The Original Dog Beach.


The Original Dog Beach Sticker

Dog Beach Information

PopularityAbove Average for Ocean Beach as a lot of the town residents own dogs.
ParkingLarge parking lot and street parking are usually available
Beach AreaLarge
LeashesOff or on is permitted
Poop BagsBring your own, however, if you forget there are some by the entrance
ShowersNearby (Not for dogs)
PrivacyMinimal as people bring their dogs to the beach at all hours of the day and night
Grassy Picnic AreaYes, on the other side of the parking lot
Food NearbyYes, a couple blocks away

Questions & Answers

Question: We are going to be at the dog beach in September. I was wondering if a pop beach shelter for 3-4 people is permissible.

Answer: Yes, a sunshade or small tent is allowed. We recommend you don't place it close to the water or directly in front of your fellow beachgoers though.

Question: Hi I am going to ocean beach dog beach for the first time. Can you give me the address, please? Also what time do the beach and parking open? I wanted to get there earlier to avoid crowds.

Answer: Dog Beach does not have a physical address. You may use the map provided (above). The parking lot opens at 4:00 am and closes at 2:00 am.

Question: How far does the off-leash area extend up the San Diego River? I have noticed some signs saying that part of the SD riverbed is in the process of restoration. Am I allowed to have my dog off-leash anywhere within the boundaries of the San Diego River? Essentially anywhere north of the San Diego Bikeway?

Answer: There are signs posted on the trails and on the side of the river to help guide you. The sign by the river is white and is in the sand near where the dunes start. Please observe the boundaries which are indicated by the signs and be respectful of all wildlife.

Question: Are there dog poo bags available at the dog beach or do we need to bring our own?

Answer: It is always best to be prepared and bring everything you need to care for your dog, including poop bags.

Question: Does your dog have to be neutered to visit Dog Beach?

Answer: It does not matter whether or not your dog is neutered. However, if your dog is in heat... you may want to reconsider.

Question: What are the rules about dogs being neutered?

Answer: There are no rules.

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